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At our gym we believe that weight loss is a side effect of becoming healthy.

Our approach is to improve people’s health, and when done so properly the weight loss will follow. We also believe that a proper diet is the most important aspect of improving one’s health.

Note:  In order to see a weight loss of 20 lbs. in 6 weeks an individual’s body fat % is usually going to be over 30 % and have a BMI over 35.

An effective diet is simple. Not easy, but simple.

In the past few years countless participants have lost at least 20 lbs. during the 6 week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge with some losing over 30 lbs. using the strategies listed below

Of course the main part of an effective diet is quality and quantity of food, but there is huge part of the equation that is more than just tactics. It’s execution.

This article is not going to contain the specifics of a proper diet, but rather the tools needed to effectively implement them.

We operate under the Eat, Sleep, Think, Move paradigm to maximize health, meaning that optimizing health is only accomplished by improving and balancing how well we Eat, Sleep, Think and Move.

Eat, Sleep and Move are nothing more than strategy. The Think component is where implementation of those strategies makes all the difference. All the best strategies in the world mean nothing without effective execution.

Here are the tips we provide all of our participants to ensure they successfully implement the strategies provided in the Challenge.

  • Accountability: Find a partner or coach to keep you on track. Even if it’s as simple as sitting down with that person once a week and showing them a food log of everything you have eaten the past 7 days it will be effective. The point is to make you conscious of what you are eating and when. You will be considerably less likely to make a poor decision when you know someone else is going to ask you about it.
  • Preparation: This is simple: Know EXACTLY what you are going to eat for every meal the next day, before going to bed the night before. The greatest deterrent to progress with your diet is not having healthy foods on hand when you get hungry. If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail.
  • Tracking: Our participants in the Challenge have access to a proprietary tracking system that allows them to keep track of how they ate, slept and moved for each day. At the end of every day they are given a point total which then adds into their weekly total. This gives everyone a simple metric to gauge week-by-week results and it is highly effective.
  • Bio – Metrics: Tracking your weight and body fat % is a great way to see if what we are doing is actually working. It is important to track these numbers on a weekly basis, to see if there is anything you need to change.
  • Coaching: A good coach helps you with all of the above approaches, and allows real-time feedback if what you are doing isn’t working. She/he should be able to hold you accountable, help you with preparation and follow your weekly progress to see if any changes are needed.

Lots of people try new diets all the time. Ultimately, there is no one diet that is perfect for everyone. However, the above principles about effective implementation are universal. Regardless of your next endeavor to improve your health take heed to the 5 strategies listed here and it will help optimize your results.

Good Luck!

Lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks!

Thank you for 6 weeks that changed my life.  Losing some weight, bp down, cholesterol down, 500M row improved, all great stuff, but the 1:1 coaching – that’s what changed my life.  Saved my life.

Eat, sleep, move, all great stuff, but the foundation is built on think.  I THINK you’ve found the formula for success!

Looking forward to tomorrow!” – Jim


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