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Whether you are a new mommy, a veteran mommy, a single mommy, or a mommy to a sweet little baby in your belly, you are a MOMMY. Some of us pushed those 8lb somethings out of us, some of us have C-Sections, and some of us were blessed to become a mommy to a child(ren) whose biological mother who was unable to be mommy. There is one common thread between us all. We love our kids, we have rough days, and we love being mommies.
Sometimes in all of our crazy lives, we are so focused on our role as a mommy that we often forget about ourselves. If you are one of these mommies, listen up. There are a million things in life that can enhance your mommy skills. I’m going to give you 5 reasons why every mommy should try CrossFit at least once.

 “I’ve never been athletic, never played a team sport and would describe myself as naturally uncoordinated. Three-and-a-half years later, I’m still so glad I forced myself to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Thanks to some nudging by a coach, I even started competing and love it. It’s fun and pushes me to another level. As a foster mom of four kiddos to date, CF gives me a new opportunity to show them that anything is possible even if you’ve had setbacks and limitations.” -H. Barkley

Heather B. competing in at GLOC (Gorgeous Women of CrossFit) event in Carmel, IN.

Heather B. competing in at GLOC (Gorgeous Women of CrossFit) event in Carmel, IN.



































1) Childbirth

I’m talking to those of you who are planning to be a mommy or may already have one in the oven. With good programming and good coaches, CrossFit can provide the most basic strength a woman naturally needs in child birth. You veteran mommies know what I mean. Child birth is NO joke. Pushing a human out of your body is hard! It’s exhausting and its one of the most important physical challenges you will ever have to do in your life. If you have ever watched one of those less than accurate movies including a child birth scene, you can almost guess it is not a graceful time. While most of the movie depictions are far from true, one thing is most definitely right; you will have your legs in stirrups and you will be bearing down with every last ounce of energy you can come up with to push that baby out. Typically this is done with your knees so far up by your head, you wonder if they are going to snap right off. The harder you push, the faster the baby comes (kind of). Either way, you get what I am saying. The stronger you are, the harder you can bear down, the harder you can push, the faster you get that crazy child birth thing rolling.
Remember when I said your legs will be up so high you feel as though they will snap? Yea. If you aren’t flexible enough to get them up there, it’s going to make it a lot harder to push that baby out. Key thoughts here: Legs up, push hard. Stronger, more flexible people can do this. CrossFit makes people stronger, more flexible and conditioned to handle child birth.


2) Self-Image
OK, real talk. The babies are born, or have been born years ago, and after all of that pain and suffering you went through to bring them into this world, they give you a new body. There are a few mommies in the world who are very lucky and are able to avoid these things, those mommies make us sick! While they get to look at their perfect body, and perfect skin, and perfect clothes; we get to deal with stretch marks, saggy body parts, redistributed weight, clothes that don’t even know how to lay on our bodies and an entire world of body issues. I don’t know about you, but I actually liked my body before kids. I loved it. After kids, I really struggled trying to embrace my new body.
Luckily, CrossFit can help this too! With all of the things you will be doing like running, box jumps, pullups, back squats, deadlifts, etc,  it will be difficult to not love your body. There comes a point when you realize you can finally bench press your body weight or feel like you could lift a car off your child and not even sweat. When you feel you are invincible, you don’t care about those stupid little stretch marks, in fact you don’t even notice them anymore. And the redistributed weight? Gone.
Why? Because now my friend, you are strong, fit, and lean. The only wardrobe problem you end up with is the fact that you can’t fit your newly defined butt in your jeans anymore because you actually have a butt now. Soon you start to realize, you love your body again, you aren’t ashamed of it and you want to show it off. The image you have of yourself is no longer negative but extremely positive. You go Hot Mama!

“Before I had kids, I was pretty tiny. Five pregnancies later, there were love handles and mommy butt, and I just didn’t feel like “me” anymore. So, I wanted something that would be challenging enough and provide enough accountability that I could feel “cute” again.” -K. Holley 



































3) Me Time
The kid and the new bod sound great right? So when do you do it? When do you sit down and realize it is time, it’s time for you. It’s called “Me time”.
You know what I mean. You have spent your entire motherhood cleaning and cooking and chasing and catching and running and driving and cheering and fixing and the list goes. But none of these thing leave room for “you”. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one hour of 100% “ME TIME?” A time where you get to go meet up with your friends and workout together just by yourself, for you. To better you!
One of the hardest things for us as mommies to do is take a break. Some of us even forget to take a lunch or potty break. How healthy do you think that is? I know you’re busy, but wouldn’t your job be a lot easier if you gave yourself a one hour break? Science has proven over and over again that exercise is one of the most important factors in mental health. What if I told you your prescription for less stress is that one hour per day working out with your friends. Friends? Yes ma’am, the people you will meet at any CrossFit gym in the world will end up being some of your best friends. Mommies just like you will be meeting you for a WOD and then hanfinf out after for coffee. You share something in common with them and it makes you feel normal again.

“I LOVE coming to class and hanging out with the incredible community. When life is hectic at work or home, the community of amazing peeps gives me much-needed sanity for a few hours.” -J. Saalfrank 

Jordan S. mother of 4 completing Memorial Day Murph at Guerrilla CrossFit.

Jordan S. mother of 4 completing Memorial Day Murph at Guerrilla CrossFit.


























4) Happy Mommy=Happy Family

Being a mommy is tough, being in charge of your family’s activities and dinners and sporting events and bottle schedule and diaper stock, and laundry duty can take its toll. It can make us very grouchy at times, especially when it becomes overwhelming. We find ourselves not being a very nice mommy as we get snappy. I don’t know about you but I get very tired of feeling like all I do is tell my kids to clean up or go outside or go inside or take your shoes off, etc. Kids need nice mommy to come out too. Things just seem to run a little smoother when mommy is happy.

5) Example
One of the most important jobs in being a mommy is to lead by example. Kids learn quickly, they learn from their surroundings. So it’s no surprise that often times you see kids act or say things just like their parents.
Ever heard your child say a naughty word? Yep, they got that from you. Ever see them pretend to cook or do the dishes? You. So why not also show them what a “real” mommy can do. Show them that women(mommies) can be strong and gentle at the same time. Show them you are capable of so much more than they ever imagined. Furthermore, a stronger, faster, happy mommy will have no problem keeping up with those 5 loads of laundry or toy room messes. You will have increased your energy so much that you will be able to get your tasks done AND still have time to play with your kids.

































“Being as healthy as possible for my child, and that I set an example that your health and loving uyour body is extremely important. I see my future being the best it can be for my family when mommy is healthy in all aspects, body, mind, heart and soul. Crossfit gives me just that!.” -K. DeVivo



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