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“But often we fear situations that are far from life-or-death, and thus hang back for no good reason.”

Fear of the Unknown: CrossFit

You probably know a friend or 5 that have drank the Koolaid and entered the crazy world we call CrossFit. You’ve heard of it in magazines and T.V. shows like The Biggest Loser. You’ve caught a video on YouTube of the CrossFit Games. You may have even heard people talk about it in passing. You’ve noticed your friends are starting to look good and fast! They are eating healthier, going outside more, doing things they never dreamed they could do. Obviously there is something to this.


CrossFit gyms are nothing fancy by a long shot. Your “globo gym” most likely has top-of-the-line machines with built in T.V. screens, and pristine showers. A CrossFit gym will be small, sometimes in someone’s garage. It will most likely have holes in the wall, shoe scuffs up and down the walls, chalk dust everywhere, and an uneven ground to run on outside. There are no machines, no T.V.s, and for some, no showers. Most of the workouts are short and some have names…after girls. And everyone looks like they are dying after the workouts.


You don’t see the lawyer who gets up every morning at 4am to rush to the early morning class before work, or the stay at home mom who comes to the 9am class because that’s when child care is offered, or the teacher who gets here just in time for the evening classes. Typically, the lawyer has only had 2 hours of sleep, the stay at home mom is frazzled from getting all of the kids around just to make it on time, and the teacher is so mentally drained she doesn’t even remember driving to class. But They Come. All of them. Every Day.
So why, when your friend asks you to come try it out with him or her, don’t you go? Why not jump right on the invitation to do the very intriguing things they do?


I don’t mean you are afraid of them or afraid of working out. You are afraid of the unknown.  It’s human nature, it’s normal. Most people don’t feel comfortable in situations they know nothing about. For example, when you see acronyms written on the whiteboard like “AMRAP, HSPU, or OHS”, it can be a little intimidating. Not the movements, the letters. If you have ever looked at a whiteboard in a CrossFit box from the outside you can probably agree that most of it looks like a foreign language. So, yes, you are afraid. You are afraid of failure. Again, this is natural. You are a human. You don’t want to be the one finishing last because you are the slowest. You don’t want to be the only one in class squatting to a box because you don’t quite have the hip mobility to get down in your squat without falling backwards.
In the CrossFit world, these people matter. They get the loudest claps and the loudest cheering.    They come back every day because they don’t have to memorize acronyms or know what a kip is. Their coach is there right alongside them, seeing, teaching, and correcting.  They are now athletes.

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