We know you have many options in Fort Wayne when it comes to looking for a CrossFit gym that fits your needs and lifestyle. Thank you for checking out our site!

Every CrossFit gym is as different as the owner(s), this is not a franchise. There are no requirements for training programs or credentialing outside of your CrossFit Level 1 certificate in order to open up a CrossFit Affiliate.

We have complied a number of topics one should consider before choosing a gym.

Cost and Location:

These are usually what people look at first. Is the gym close to you and is it within the price range you are willing to spend?

You can find our location here and costs here.


CrossFit has grown tremendously over the past several years. There were less than 6000 affiliates when we opened our doors in the summer of 2010 and there are now over 10,000!

With so many options it’s important to scrutinize the ownership of the gym you are looking at.

Is this there hobby or their trade?

Meaning, is this something they do on the side or is this what they have committed to be their career.

Ask them questions about their educational background, certifications and seminars they have attended and their experience with different types of athletes, etc.

Are they mostly focused on high-level competitors or are they able to effectively train anyone?

They should be easily accessible and be able to answer your questions.

Coaching Staff and Qualifications:

Once a CrossFit gym gets enough members it is imperative they hire additional coaches. It should be important to you how they select coaches and how those coaches are trained.

At Guerrilla, no coach is considered for a position unless they have been a member for over 12 months and have their CrossFit Level one certificate.

They then must pass a 6-month comprehensive “in-house” training program in order to be given the title of Coach. They also are required to attend a new seminar or certification every year and attend a monthly coaches meeting.


This goes without saying, you need to be sure that they offer classes when you can attend them.

Services Included:

What comes with my membership?

At Guerrilla the following come with your membership at no additional cost: Childcare (M,W,F at 9 am and 5 and 6 pm), one monthly personal training session, one monthly nutrition counseling, body comp analysis and full-access to the gym to train whenever you want, even if it’s outside a class time. 

Additional Services:

What else is available to me?

At Guerrilla the following are offered for an additional cost: Personal Training, Massage, Active Release Technique, Graston (Scraping) Therapy and in-depth nutrition reviews including blood lipid panels and glucose testing. – See “Pricing” for more details.


This is why it is important to go to the gym and look at it for yourself. Is it clean? How many bathrooms/showers do they have? Is the space organized? Is there always someone at the front desk to answer my questions?

Do you feel good when you are there?:

This is something only you can determine.

Our mission is to ensure people feel better when they leave then when they come in, and we do our best to achieve it.

This is your ultimate litmus test.