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We’ve all been there. You take a 2 week vacation, come home and the kids get sick, then you get sick and just as you are about to recover you get slammed at work and all of the family events during the week seem to be never-ending.

Before you know it you haven’t made it to the gym or worked out in over a month.

This scenario, or something similar, has happened to me more times than I would like over the years. Sometimes you can bounce back quite easily, other times getting back into the gym can seem impossible.

The difficulty can often be compounded by the fact you often feel like you have lost all of your progress.

Here are some tips and strategies I have developed over the years when a training slump is kicking my ass.

  • Don’t be hard on yourself. Shit happens to everyone and we only make it worse when we punish ourselves for not doing what we think we should be doing. Just relax, breath and create a plan.


  • Here is how I get out my slumps. My first few weeks back I focus on ONE thing. That’s it. One. I’ll do a light and fun warm up, grab a barbell and focus on one movement. Work up in weight until you break a sweat. I really don’t even care about sets or reps. Just get moving. Action is key.


  • You have not lost all of your progress. I guarantee it. You may feel like you have but I can tell you very little has been lost and what has, can quickly be recovered.


  • Keep in mind it’s supposed to be fun. If you still aren’t ready for the gym go do something active that you enjoy. Play basketball, soccer, take the kids roller skating anything you do that gets moving again will begin to remind you of why you train in the first place and will help get you back in the gym.


  • Public accountability. Reach out to some friends from the gym and make them hold you accountable.


  • Register for an event. This could be any sort of competition or race, it doesn’t really matter. What it will do is give you a reason to train and will make missing a day that much more difficult.


  • Remember why you train. A strong WHY can overcome any obstacle.


  Finally, I always focus on how I feel a after great training session. The sooner you get that feeling back the easier it will be to keep going. Of course, these are just tips that have worked for me. I would be interested to know how YOU have overcome training slumps. Let me know in the comments.

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