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The CrossFit Games are awesome and the fitness levels of those men and women are incredible, but that doesn’t mean much to most of us.

We aren’t training for the Games. We are training to do the things we love to do as much and as long as we want to do them.

Today, after one of our classes a woman approached me and told me how much she has always loved riding horses. She is now 50 and the prior years before joining the gym she had not been riding because she didn’t feel strong enough or confident to ride. Over the past several months of training she was proud to say not only is she riding again but she can easily get on the horse with no assistance.

A second woman, overheard her and chimed in, saying that she used to love to ski but over the years she would get fatigued after a few runs. After a few years of training with us, the others in her group are now trying to keep up with her.

They both like to hike as well. When they used to hike they would be last, in other words, they were the bear bait. Not anymore.

We often get caught up in the numbers of our training. Did we PR our 500 Meter Row? I’m stuck at a certain weight on my Snatch! The scale hasn’t moved in 3 weeks!

These numbers are not, in and of themselves, the goal. Numbers only exist to tell us a story so we can ask better questions, like:

Is the programming working?  Am I training enough (too much)? Am I eating the appropriate foods? Etc. 

The gym exists as a lab and playground for each person to maximize their physical and mental potential.

 However, the payoff of your efforts will mostly likely be found outside of the gym’s four walls. 


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