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Originally written in 2015 by Jovanni……
Good day peeps! Now that the open is over and the hype is teetering out, you may be wondering what’s next. What am I training for? What are my goals? Maybe it’s for an upcoming competition, maybe you want to be stronger, faster, better. Maybe you want a bigger, rounder butt, more abs, smoking arms, or just to wake up and feel like an all-around badass. We want all of these things as well, and are hoping you ride this ride we are going on with us all the way. “All the way”; you ask… yes, we are calling it a Guerrilla year. The Guerrilla year starts at the end of the CrossFit open and ends at the beginning of the next open season.  During this year we will go on a fitness, nutrition, and general bad-assery journey. The year is broken out into quarters with a key focus for each quarter. There will be an assessment at the beginning and end of each quarter for you to use as a gage of progress.

Quarter one: Strength, foundation skill work. For the first three months of the Guerrilla year we will work on improving our overall strength. This includes ‘core’ strength as we fitness buffs like to call it. EVERYTHING we do in fitness is as proficient as our midline stability. What I mean is, if it is very difficult to lie on your back and hold your feet, hands, and head off the floor while keeping your back flat against the floor; it will be very difficult to hold significant weight overhead. Yes, you also have to be strong enough to move the weight, which is why we coupled these two functionalities together, and early. Another reason we start with strength (both general and core) is because these two things take time (especially midline). You may have noticed already warm ups and mobility looking a little different (We were testing the waters); our midline stability goals will come from those types of movements. On the note of brute strength, we will be incorporating heavier weights in multiple modalities. “What the what” you say? I mean we will spend focused time moving heavy loads followed by the same movement at a moderate load following a different mode of time (multiple modalities). The goal is to increase power output and develop those pretty muskles we gawk at on the elite athletes ;-).

Quarter two: Engine building work. The second three months of the Guerrilla year will have a key focus of building our engines. We will work on being able to go for longer periods, recover over shorter periods, and improve and build on those gymnastic movements learned in the first quarter. We will run burpee, pull-up, and we even have a plan to hopefully swim together.

Quarter three: Our skill work will transition into a little more difficult movement, hopefully taking to the open gym floor in some areas. We will also focus on weightlifting a little more (snatch, clean and jerk), and again, you may have noticed quite the increase in these movements already (water testing again, hope you liked it). We will continue to lift as well.

Quarter four: Around this time of year we will be prepping to re-enter the open season. Our workouts will foster the best of everything we learned throughout the year in skill work, engine building, and strength. We will test some things from previous years as we push new limits. We will check in and assess how the year went, what worked and what could be done differently.

Why am I telling you about the Guerrilla year, and why does it revolve around the CrossFit open season? Simple, one, if you know the goals of the gym for you as our athlete, it’s easier to show up on that Friday night when you would rather go home and watch TV, two, just like having personal goals keep you as an individual pressing forward and motivated; it keeps the gym motivated to support and produce the healthiest athletes in Fort Wayne (I mean, it is why we started in the first place). Side note: on the word athlete, we are not (and we are) referring to the 20-somethings with metabolisms and work ethics out the wazoo. We are talking to EVERY single person who walks through our door to train. You are an athlete; here let me provide you with a definition (Athlete: “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina” –Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Now that you are aware that you are considered an athlete here at Guerrilla, an athlete has a training plan. You also have one as an individual (mentioned earlier). Sharing this information with you gets us all on the same page for the year. The training revolves around the open season because it is a sure way to test ourselves year to year (plus, CrossFit is what we do, it’s like our yearly conference). There may also be individuals with high competition level goals; this training season preps to have the athlete prepared to face those goals. Finally, knowing what’s coming or what’s going on helps mentally prepare you (a VERY big component in training). It will help guide emotions, worry and anxiety into productive outputs. Awareness of being in the strength cycle of training produces less stress when you come in and see heavy deadlifts knowing it will shift at some point.

So what do we need from you? As our Guerrilla athlete, we need you to ride the ride. Trust the process and go through it completely. Don’t disappear for a month because you hate running or because you are scared you will bulk up during the strength cycle (It will all make you better prepared for the zombie apocalypse). Come to the gym, use your PT sessions, and share your progress or lack of with each other (follow the blog and FB page). We want to see results posted, questions asked and thoughts and comments shared. Pick one thing to do outside your fitness box (by box, I am referring to just working out at the gym). A Spartan race, competition (online, master’s, all woman), etc… do it this year; and next year when the season approaches the open, sign-up.

From us, look for more postings on what we are looking for in movements, look for videos of your athlete teammates making progress, look for gym-wide events for us to move together (as a whole, that includes you 6amers ;-). Read the information, watch the videos, become that Guerrilla bad-ass and let’s see where the year takes us. We are happy to call you all family and thank you for entrusting us with getting you to your fitness goals (achieving ours in the process).

Peace out!

Guerrilla Staff-

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